Monday, June 30, 2008

Seniors and trucks compete for space on Street across from City Hall!

Seniors forced into street with cars, trucks and busses. This is another example of the City of Cambridge's "Open Pit Policy." Please note there are NO barrels to seperate pedestrians from moving traffic nor from stumbeling into that trench.

When the sidewalk is obstructed by construction like this, is a permit required? Should not care be provided to protect the pedestrians that are forced into the street? June 20, 4:29pm.

Cambridge Police Permit Bicycles to Run Red Light

Photo above shows a bike and a car stopped at red light when another bike comes along and fails to stop, running the light. The police officers take no action. The bike rider can clearly be seen looking up Inman street to see if there is oncoming traffic that needs to be avoided. The police did pull over a car for a traffic violation, but none of the bikes that ran the red light.

The photo shows the other police officer observing the traffic at the intersection. He sees the bike running the red light but takes no action. He informed me that only bike officers ticket bike riders. I then called the desk and was informed that the police were assigned to Mass Ave and Inman to enforce traffic laws, but not to enforce them on bikes, only cars. He told me they were assigned to do cars, not bikes.
(Photos taken June 20, 2008, at 5:23pm and 5:26pm.)

So, what message does this send bike riders? You can run the red light right in front of Cambridge Police officers, who will give you a nod?