Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Homeless In America? One of the Greatest Social Disasters of the 20th Century.

The Criminalization of the mentaly Disabled in America

I found this video to be very well done. Please take some time and watch this.

Whenever discussions about "the homeless" in Cambridge arises, one should understand that many individuals are UNABLE to fend for themselves. That is why they are called disabled. Not everyone who is mentally ill is disabled by their condition, but many are. Should we turn our backs on them, like we did in the Dark Ages, or should we work to craft programs to assist them to live as independently as possible, while providing them with the proper level of support needed?

Do you think mentally disabled people are doing their homless thing deliberately? Do you believe mental illness has something to do with "will power" or lazyness? Do you wonder why they don't just cut it out and get a job like everyone else? Perhaps compassion is what we need to understand that there but for God,......

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