Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should The City of Cambridge Continue to Spend Taxpayer's Dollars Trying to Ban Guide Dogs From City Council Meetings?

Here a a video, where I discuss how "education" as a method to enforce civil rights of people with disabilities who use guide dogs, or service dogs, has failed.

One reason people file law suits is because other people refuse to obey the law, and choose to remain ignorant. here in Cambridge MA there is an actual effort to also ban accurate information about what Civil Rights laws are, and how to obey them.

Considering that in the Montero case, the City had an opportunity, early on, to settle the case, but refused to do so, and now the $$$$$ are up to a reported $4.5 million, should the City continue to refuse to settle the Podgers v City of Cambridge, et al, service dog in City Council case?

This should make howling good copy if it lands in federal court.

By the way, does anyone know of any other City Council in America that has banned Service Dogs? What is the MCAD's position on this? Segregation, by definition, is discrimination. Can Marjorie and Ken really segregate people with disabilities who use guide dogs? When will we ever learn?

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